Car Insurance
Safe drivers can lower their insurance payments
with Pay As You Drive program from Progressive

Safe and low-mileage drivers could save
up to 30 percent in 30 days with SnapshotSM Discount

A business traveler who parks her car at the airport several days each week. A city-dweller who drives only on the weekends. A retiree who no longer commutes several hours a day in stop-and-go traffic. A defensive driver who avoids hard braking and late-night driving. All are less likely to be in a car accident, so shouldn’t they pay less for insurance?

INSURANCE AGENCY PLUS in Saint Petersburg, Florida thinks so. That’s why it’s proud to offer Snapshot, an optional discount program from Progressive that helps safer drivers earn the discounts they deserve.

With Snapshot, customers finally have the choice to pay for car insurance based on how they drive, not how their neighbor drives. People who drive less, in safer ways, and during safer times of day can save up to 30% more on their insurance.

“Snapshot gives customers more control over what they pay, and a clearer understanding of what factors influence price,”
Powering this program is the Snapshot device itself, which plugs into the onboard diagnostic port (OBD-II) found near the steering wheel of most cars built after 1996. The device’s sleek design houses the latest advances in telematics and mobile technology, enabling the customer to automatically and wirelessly share their driving patterns with Progressive.

After 30 days, the customer can log in to their policy to see how much of an initial discount they’re earning and what changes they can make to their driving habits to save even more. At the end of the six month policy term, the customer returns the device to Progressive, and Progressive sets the final discount for future renewals.

Drivers with more than one car can select which, if any, of their vehicles to enroll in Snapshot. For example, a person with a second car that’s driven less frequently may enroll that car in Snapshot, but may decline to enroll a vehicle they drive 50 miles each way to work in stop-and-go traffic.

The Snapshot discount is not based on location or speed. The device does not have GPS technology, so Progressive does not know where the car is and does not take into account how fast the car is being driven.

“The best part about the Snapshot Discount is that it’s discount-only,” “It’s free to add to your auto policy, easy to plug in, and your rates can only go down.”

INSURANCE AGENCY PLUS is located at 6457 Central Ave , St.Petersburg FL 33710 The insurance experts provide advice and personal service. For more information about Snapshot, call 727-623-9885 or mail at